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Centre name: Aspect Examination Centre, Mahilyow 
Centre number: BY003
Centre address: 31, Pravaya Dubravenca St, Office 4, Mahilyow, 212022, Belarus
Tel. numbers: +375 (222) 647-257, +375 (29) 379-82-82, +375 (29) 740-26-05 (Viber)

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TKT Module 1
TKT Module 2
TKT Module 3
TKT Module YL
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Name of institution: Где проходила подготовка к экзамену
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Do you have any special requirements?*For example, modified materials for visual difficulties, or special requirements because of a medical condition.
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    I understand that all individuals who want to take a Cambridge English exam are required to agree to all of the Terms and Conditions (a copy of which has been provided by the centre). I wish to be admitted for the selected Cambridge English exam at the centre listed on this form and for the date listed here. 
    By signing this form I declare that I am aware of and agree to comply with the Terms and Conditions for this exam.

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